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Humanize Your Online Business and Connect with More Customers

I turn lemons into lemonade. Since 2005, I’ve made sour marketing programs profitable. But my lemonade making started long before I started offering ecommerce consulting services.

Growing up in the bottom tax bracket, the odds were stacked against me. At the age of 13, I learned that education and hard work was the key to turning lemons into lemonade. I worked years before I could drive, put my self through college, ran corporate marketing teams, and earned my MBA.

If you’ve ever tried to sell anything online (products, software, or educational courses) you know that it’s a lot harder than it seems. The odds are against you. Large companies dominate the space.

So What Does Lemonade Have To Do With Ecommerce Consulting?


The reality is most people wanting lemonade just go to the big supermarket around the corner.  This is the same problem ecommerce sites have. Why will someone stop and shop at your store, when they can easily go to the big supermarket one click away?

People trust the big supermarkets.  They are highly visible and easy to shop at. This is the blueprint for a successful ecommerce site.

Anybody can set up an ecommerce site – just like anyone can set up a lemonade stand. Getting people to come to your store, stick around long enough to buy is the hard part.

Unfortunately, There Isn’t a Single Silver Bullet

Buyer behavior is complex.  Search engines keep us on our feet and social media can be a huge time suck.  Subscribe to my blog and I’ll show you how to:

  • Build traffic from multiple sources
  • Obtain links and publicity to your site
  • Create a user friendly website that converts
  • Build positive relationships with your buyers
  • Increase sales and brand awareness with advertising

I’ve spent the last 15 years studying buyer behavior and internet marketing. More importantly, I ‘ve been  in the trenches actually doing it every day for the past 9 years.

“The results we’ve seen on social media, SEO and website traffic have been amazing. We don’t feel like Darren is an ‘outside’ consultant – he is part of our team. He  makes decisions as if our business was his.” – Ron Shinall, www.topspecus.com

Qualified To Make Marketing Work For You

  • MBA, Internet Marketing From Florida Institute Of Technology
  • BS, Advertising From The University Of Florida
  • 10+ Years In Web Design, SEO, and PPC
  • Google AdWords Certified
  • Active Member Of The American Marketing Association

Do We Share The Same Values?

  • Work Hard: Success will come to those willing to work for it.
  • Never Stop Learning: Continuous learning leads to continuous improvement.
  • Put Other People First: I place the highest value on building positive relationships with people.
  • Be Humble: Have a quiet confidence, and lift up those around you.
  • Do More with Less: If we achieve our goals with less, we can make bigger goals.
  • Work To Live: I’m passionate about my work, but I am also passionate about life.

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